Hello. I have been receiving messages that some of you are not able to see the webcomic. I have been looking into this and have found the solution. The problem is that keenspace, our web host, set up some new security features. To resolve this problem I have come up with the following steps.

If You are using Norton Firewall or Norton Internet Security please follow these steps:

"Assuming you are using Norton Internet Security, which is what I use.
1. Open internet Security.
2. click the option button on the top row of buttons.
3. select internet security.
4. click advanced options.
5. click add site.
6. enter keenspace.com
7. now select keenspace.com from the list of websites.
8. click the privacy tab on the right side of the window.
9. click use these rules for check box.
10. set all option to permit.
11. click "apply."

Also they may want to consider adding: ydk.keenspace.com ydk.keenspot.com keenspace.com boardy.keenspace.com boardy.keenspot.com keenspot.com

which are the IP's for the keenspace servers

I got these instruction from DOMINIC DEEGAN:Oracle For Hire, one of my personal favorite comics. I asked him if I could use them. If you are still having problems let me know. I work at a freaking help desk so don't think it's a stupid question. Trust me I have heard alot and anything about computer security software is not a stupid question. I will continue to keep an eye out for anymore problems. Thank you have enjoy.

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