Name: Marie Aster Plummer ( and yes my initials spell MAP)

Age: 23 ( and that is not old yet. lol)

Birthdate: March 10 ( if anyone wants to take a note of it, I love getting art supplies.^_^)

Where I'm from: I have no idea, I'm an army brat, I have no place, but I was born in Fayetteville, NC.

Likes: I like green! PENGUINS! ( if you hadn't noticed that), anime (mostly the cute anime, or the ones that are really drawn nicely. ^_^) art in general, alternative music, world music, and Celtic music.  I also love finding out about other places and languages. 

Dislikes: Drama Queens, onions ( YUCK), Brussels sprouts, and being picked on waaaaayyyy too much.

Comments about myself: Well I'm a weird yet simple person.^_^ I try to see that things will be better and that there is hope for everyone, even myself. I like to first think that I person is good, before knowing if they are or not. I can be naive at times, and sometimes a mother hen. But I am happy when people can trust me and I can help them with whatever they need me to help them with. I am also a Mormon. What?! A Mormon you say? Yep! I do have strong morals and hopefully one day I will get married and have a family of my own. But at the moment I am enjoying life and trying to learn everything that there is to learn at this thing we call life. ^_^

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