Name: Paul L Carlson (No I am not going to tell you my middle name)

Age: 23 (I am as old as Marie)

Birthdate: July 16 (it's too hot to have your birthday on that day)

Where I'm from: Born in Richmond, VA.  But I was raised in Minnesota.  YAY COLD WEATHER.

Likes: I like playing games.  I play tons of video games and table top games.  I also love to watch anime.  Any anime all anime.  I will gladly watch any anime I can get my hands on.  And yes that has led to some interesting events.  Music I like hmmm I guess anything but country.  I also like to study other languages and cultures. 

Dislikes: Whiney people, vacations (with my family), hot weather, and bills.

Comments about myself:  I am your typical otaku gamer.  Seriously I am.  I have had an interesting life, but I keep trudging through it.  I am one of those people that everyone considers a big brother.  I am also your typical PK (Pastor's Kid).  I don't belong to any religion anymore and I am following my own beliefs and morals.  I am very laid back about everything.  And as you can tell I am a computer person.  hehehe That's why Marie has me to do the web page for her.

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