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What's on Marie's Mind:

YAY! I can't believe that all this is happening. Paul is a genius! I really do think that I got the better part of the deal anyways, all I do is draw. hehe. gotta love something that you like to do. But I really do hope that all of you guys love the comic, and I can pump out good enough art for you to read and enjoy.  I'm just loving all this! ^_^






What's on Paul's Mind:


Oiye.  A new comic and more learning going on.  I have just graduated today.  I realized today that graduation is for parents and not for the students.

Oh well enough about that.  I learned today that keenspace's autoupdating option is really annoying.  I need to look into a way to turn it off.  It's nice if you want it but well I don't want it.  Oh, I got a second job today.  YAY something to do with my free time so I am no longer bored.  Okay that's about it.  Well maybe not.  We will be updating Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.  I think.  And I will soon be making it so Marie can post her thoughts.  YAY. 

On a side note I want abs like Lequon.  LOL.