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What's on Marie's Mind:


Well this one is just basically a filler, the next page should be a whole lot better. Well at least that's what I'm hoping to work for. What I like most about this page is the Lequon doll, he has on cute heart boxers. hehe. Hey! if you can jack up the cuteness factor then I say go for it. lol


What's on Paul's Mind:


Well this is the start of our normal updates.  YAY.  Marie's drawings keep coming and I keep learning more and more on how to make a webpage.  One this important thing I learned was never ever, ever ask a college graduate for help with a webpage. Wow she did just talked and talked and talked but never said a single thing.  Oiye.  And she never answered my question.   Oh well another guy here at work game me a really nice book.  YAY. 

Oh and on the work thing.  Everyone here has "Monkey SARS" and no my bazooka monkeys are not to blame.  It's just a girl brought in pneumonia and it's spreading through our help desk.  BLAH.

Oh yeah I got a second job and I will be on vacation next week.  But I will be doing updates from the road.  Just to keep my sanity.  I hate vacations.